At Taiho Oncology our mission is to improve the lives of cancer patients, their families, and their caregivers.


Taiho Oncology is a different kind of pharmaceutical company. We have deep roots and unmatched corporate agility that enable us to fulfill our purpose – making a better world for cancer patients and the people who care for them. Our corporate philosophy is “We strive to improve human health and contribute to a society enriched by smiles.”

For almost two decades, Taiho Oncology has served as a world-class clinical organization, where people are at the center of everything we do. Together, we work urgently to discover and develop innovative cancer treatments that address today’s unmet patient needs and apply the science behind them in novel ways.

As the field of cancer treatment evolves, we evolve with it. Advanced technology, dedicated investigators, and incomparable facilities—these vast resources empower us to redefine the way the world treats cancer. It’s our work; it’s our passion; it’s our legacy.

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Story of the Founding of Taiho Pharmaceutical

Backed by a Strong Heritage

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Taiho Oncology, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and an indirect subsidiary of Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd., which contains more than 180 companies, with over 47,000 employees, in 30 countries worldwide. The Otsuka Group of companies, whose origins date back to 1921, aims to contribute to the health of people around the world. Taiho Oncology Inc. is the North American oncology commercial organization for the Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

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Taiho Oncology Inc. has an oral oncology pipeline consisting of both novel antimetabolic agents and selectively targeted agents.

The anti-cancer drug LONSURF (trifluridine and tipiracil) was approved in September 2015 by the FDA, and was introduced in the U.S. market by Taiho Oncology in October 2015.

Established in 2002, in New Jersey, United States, as a subsidiary of Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd.

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A specialty pharma company, focusing on drug discovery, preclinical research, clinical development, and building a network comprising of production, marketing, research & development in the fields of oncology, allergy and immunology, and urology.

In the company’s primary field of oncology, Taiho Pharmaceutical carries out global development of its mainstay anticancer agents in Japan, the US, Europe, and Asia.

The company also offers consumer health care products including nutritive energy drinks and herbal digestive support drinks.

Established in 1963, in Japan, as a subsidiary of Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd.

For more information, visit www.otsuka.com/en

Our Identity

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Our corporate identity was designed to reflect the organization’s guiding principles and to inspire feelings of natural energy, vitality, youth, and vigor.

The main concept of the Taiho Oncology logo is that of vital energy, with an emphasis on the energy produced by Mother Nature. This refers to the natural energy that puts forth a tree, which then grows a robust trunk, extends a branch, makes a flower bloom, and then bears fruit. The logo also captures the harmony between earth and the sun—the source of all growth and vitality on earth. This is a symbol of vitality from ancient times.

The “T” represents the initial letter of Taiho, and the power of nature is expressed by the fact that the logo is hand-drawn.


Red is used to portray our company’s energy, vitality, and liveliness. The sepia (brown), an ecological color, represents human beings on earth and the intention of natural symbiosis. The yellow conveys that this is a new company, overflowing with youth and vigor.

History of Taiho