Our Culture Embraces Positive Change

Taiho Oncology, Inc.'s culture provides a foundation of performance excellence, supportive of innovation and fostered by an atmosphere of mutual respect. We do not embrace a “business as usual” attitude, but instead encourage and welcome positive change. Even as we continue to grow, we are committed to maintaining an agile, supportive, and familial environment. This strong unity allows us to boldly follow our scientific research, into new and uncharted territory, as we challenge the cancers of tomorrow.

We embrace Taiho Oncology's Code of Conduct:

  1. Be conscious of working for a human health company
  2. Explore all measures to create new value
  3. Take on challenges without fear of taking risks
  4. Maintain high moral and ethical standards and behave humbly
  5. Develop human resources continuously to sustain a positive contribution to society


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