Investigator Initiated Trial (IIT) refers to an unsolicited study proposal sponsored by a Sponsor-Investigator at a hospital, medical center, medical school, private foundation, private practice, group practice, or government-sponsored research network.

By providing granting opportunities to Sponsor-Investigators, Taiho is committed to advancing research that increases the understanding of scientific and clinical aspects of disease and therapeutics, improving medical care, promoting better healthcare delivery, and providing benefits to patients.

Sponsor-Investigators and/or their affiliated institutions assume responsibility for all aspects of the study including design, regulatory approval, initiation, conduct, oversight, analysis of the results and publication. Sponsor-Investigators are responsible for all study‑related medical decisions, monitoring and adequate medical care for adverse events.

IIT proposals submitted to Taiho are reviewed for scientific merit as well as safety, legal, ethical, and budgetary aspects.

How to Apply

A Sponsor-Investigator may click here to obtain an Investigator Initiated Trial Application Form, submit the completed form with required documents via email to

1. Complete the Investigator Initiated Trial Application Form with required documents

  • Study Proposal
  • Principal Sponsor-Investigator's Curriculum Vitae
  • Budget

2. Submit the completed form to

3. Taiho Oncology will acknowledge receipt. Incomplete forms will not be processed and will be returned to the submitter.

Taiho Oncology will notify the Sponsor-Investigator of the final decision.

All IITs must meet the following requirements in order to receive funding or support from Taiho:

  • Sponsor-Investigators are qualified to conduct the study and comply with applicable regulatory obligations;
  • The amount of funding represents the fair market value of the work performed in the study;
  • The research is not duplicative or a pretense to promote Taiho products.

Taiho will only provide funding and support once a proposal has been approved and the contract fully executed. Taiho may withdraw support if a Sponsor-Investigator fails to comply with applicable legal and/or regulatory obligations or provided false information in the proposal, or as otherwise specified in the contract.