We proudly support the scientific community by providing investigators with funding opportunities for research that aligns with our therapeutic areas of interest.


By providing granting opportunities to investigators, Taiho is firmly committed to forwarding scientific research that increases our understanding of scientific and clinical aspects of disease and therapeutics, improving medical care, promoting better healthcare delivery, and providing benefits to patients.

Investigator-Initiated Trial (IIT) refers to an unsolicited clinical trial proposed and sponsored by an Investigator at a hospital, medical center, medical school, private foundation, private practice, group practice, or government-sponsored research network. IITs are unique, novel, and scientifically valid research evaluating unmet medical needs.


Apply for a grant or view the status of your existing application via our online portal.


Applications for support may only be submitted through our Investigator‑Initiated Trial online portal. Grants may only be provided in response to an unsolicited written request.

All IITs must meet the following requirements in order to receive funding or support from Taiho:

  • Investigators are qualified to conduct the study and comply with applicable regulatory obligations;
  • The amount of funding represents the fair market value of the work performed in the study;
  • The research is not duplicative or a pretense to promote Taiho products.

Research priorites, information regarding the application process, and approval criteria for IITs are communicated by Taiho Medical Affairs personnel to healthcare providers. Upon receiving an unsolicited request, Medical Affairs personnel may provide advice on draft proposals, however, the proposal must be completed by healthcare providers.

Investigators are also responsible for all trial‑related medical decisions, monitoring the study, and ensuring that adequate medical care is provided for Adverse Events (AE). While Taiho reserves the right to review any manuscripts or presentations resulting from an IIT prior to submission, investigators will determine how the results of the IIT are publicized.

Taiho will only provide funding and support in accordance with an approved proposal and fully executed contract. Any Investigator who wishes to request additional support for an ongoing IIT or seek a modification of the executed contract must seek prior written approval from the IIT Review Committee. Taiho may withdraw support if an Investigator fails to comply with applicable Legal and/or regulatory obligations or provided false information in the proposal, or as otherwise specified in the contract. Taiho may not increase or decrease funding or support amounts depending on whether or not the IIT results reflect favorably upon Taiho products or any competitor products.


To access a list of our current grant requests for Investigator‑Initiated Trials, please log into Our Portal.